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Spring Season Underway

There is a lot of buzz around the spring season with several changes and exciting prospects for the future of the program.

The girls soccer team currently have a 2-2 record (1-2 BCL League) entering the beginning of league play.  They have had a record number of girls come out for the team and we look forward to their continual growth.

The boys volleyball team (2-4) will go through a lot of growing pains as the roster consists of a lot of freshmen and a few first time players.  But they are all catching on very fast.  Their growth is evident from match to match as they get more comfortable playing with each other and the returning varsity members.

The badminton team has good mix of returning and newer players on the team.  They have already had some quality non-league and league matches to aid in their development.

The track team had to adjust to some coaching changes and changes in philosophy, but the members have meet the challenge.  The coaching staff has several alumni coming back to volunteer their time to help develop the team that they enjoyed participating in while in high school.  With 2 league meets already passed so early in the season, the team members are working hard to improve their personal bests every opportunity they get.

Mr. Lim is our athletics advisor and also serves as a vice-principal for the high school. As athletics advisor, he oversees the physical education department as well as our varsity and junior varsity sports programs. As a vice-principal, he helps with operations, planning, and college counseling.

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