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Each year, we welcome international students to California Crosspoint Academy from China and other countries. These families value our rich academic program and entrust their children’s futures to our staff and school community. We take our role seriously, providing special services to help our international students as they make the transition to life in America.

English Language Support
International students who are refining their English language skills have access to classes specially designed for those learning English as a second language. We offer sheltered classes for credit in some subjects for English language learners.

Accelerated English Camp is specifically designed to help students transition to an American high school on an academic, social, and personal level. The intensive four-week program will provide students with instruction on American culture and norms, strengthen their conversational English, and increase their academic vocabulary in order to prepare them for entering an American high school shortly thereafter.

International Student Services
Our International Student Services (ISS) group provides additional services, including cultural orientations, housing support, and counseling about healthcare and personal emergencies. We also provide support to transition newly arrived students academically, socially, and culturally to American school life.

We maintain strong ties with family members back home in their native language through regular newsletters, e-mail, WeChat, and our online tool, Powerschool, which gives parents access to ongoing updates on their child’s progress. We have translators available for parents and students alike, and our written communications are provided in English and Chinese.

PowerSchool is a widely used web-based student information system in today’s academic world. PowerSchool enables CCA educators to make timely decisions that impact student performance while creating a collaborative environment for parents, teachers and students to work together in preparing 21st century learners for the future. PowerSchool provides the CCA staff with the full range of features needed, in addition to portals for teachers, parents, and students. With internet access and the touch of a keyboard, parents and students can read the daily announcements, check grades, upcoming assignments, attendance, medical records, lunch balances, email teachers and much more!

Apply as an international student

2024-2025 International Student Tuition and Fee Schedule

The tuition and fee amounts below are payable to CCA upon receipt of the acceptance letter.
Except for the I-20 and Administrative fees, all amounts are fully refundable if the student is denied an F-1 visa.

Download PDF (English)
Download PDF (Chinese)

Bring the I-20 to US embassy for F-1 Visa interview

$500 USD

Registration, student file preparation, forms processing
(Fees will vary from year to year)

$1750 USD

Medical Insurance, textbooks, uniforms, field trips, etc.

$4,000 USD

Tuition, College/Academic Advising, International Student Services, After School Tutoring

$39,400 USD

(Since roster spots are limited, international students must enroll for the entire year and there is no refund for early withdrawals or transfer.)

Special instructional program to develop English proficiency while continuing academic instruction in core subjects.

$4,000 USD

Required 4-week intensive English and Academic orientation for new 6th-10th graders. Includes room, board, and all activities.
(Returning international students are not required to participate in the AEC)

Required 1-week Orientation for new 11th/12th graders

$4,000 USD


$1,200 USD

Includes Room, Board, School Lunch, Home-to-School Transportation, Special Events and Support

$20,000 USD/10 Months

Students who are developing their English language proficiency can attend classes specially designed to support language acquisition while still learning in each content area.  Sheltered classes are offered in English, History, and Science. Where appropriate, bilingual teaching methodologies are used to provide a supportive means of learning academic English.  An Accelerated English Camp (AEC) is offered each summer to help students transition academically, socially, and personally to American high school. The four-week intensive program provides students with instruction on American culture and norms, strengthens conversational English, and increases academic vocabulary in order to prepare them for the challenges of high school and beyond. International students attending AEC feel much more prepared academically and psychologically for the start of school.

International Student Services (ISS) exists to serve our CCA international students, host families, and home families by providing academic, emotional, cultural, and spiritual support to ensure that our students are successful from the first day they attend CCA.  We have staff specifically dedicated to the needs of our international students, whether that need is securing a host family down to the day to day issues of purchasing their school uniform or setting up cell phone services.  Regular meetings with the students keep communication strong and social activities are planned to teach American culture and traditions while having a great time together.   ISS provides the personal attention our students need to make a smooth transition, prepare for the upcoming school year, and provide continual support during the year.

In addition, we are working together with to provide a higher level of service to our international students in meeting their college advising and application needs.

For more information contact: International Students Services at

Student Services

California Crosspoint Academy has partnered with to provide our international students with a comprehensive college admission service. The program is designed to assist and help California Crosspoint Academy international students with their entire college admission process while providing them 7 days a week support during the entire year, regardless of location.

As a student, you will get a dedicated advisor that will be assisting you with the entire admission process for any university you wish to apply. The advisor will also continue to help you for the duration of your studies in the USA, even after you leave California Crosspoint Academy and begin your studies at the university.

California Crosspoint Academy International Students Benefits

  1. Dedicated service 7 days a week and 365 days of the year
  2. Centralized application system for all university applications
  3. Downloadable App available for iOS and Android
  4. Access to unique scholarships without additional paperwork
  5. International Students at California Crosspoint Academy can apply for up to three partner universities at no cost*
  6. Faster application turn around for all partner universities
  7. Students can apply to any university even those outside the USA
  8. Guaranteed admission to a partner university

*Some exclusions apply.

How to get started

The first step is to book your online appointment with the international students college counselor. All you need to do is confirm your time zone below and book your appointment:

What should you do after booking your appointment?

Now that you have booked your appointment, you will receive a booking confirmation to your email. The international student’s college counselor has also received the confirmation and will now be ready to assist you on the day and time you have chosen.

Documents to gather for your appointment

Now that you have your confirmation, it is a good time to prepare all the documents you will need for your appointment with the counselor. Here is a list of all the documents you should have ready before your appointment:

  • Transcripts for grades 9,10,11 and 12 (if available)
  • SAT or ACT exam report ( if available )
  • Copy of TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo exam results (if available)
  • Any other document you consider relevant for your admission process

Please keep in mind that you will need a computer with internet that has a microphone at the time of your appointment. Most laptops nowadays have an internal microphone, but make sure you have a computer ready at the time of your appointment and you have access to the internet. We also recommend using headphones and to be in a quiet room.

What happens after the appointment?

Upon completion of your meeting with the counselor, depending on your conversation, you will receive an email with recommendations, a summary of what was discussed in your meeting and instructions on what to do next.

Please make sure to check your email and read the emails sent by your advisor and book another appointment to begin your college admission application process once you have decided which universities you want to apply to.


If you have questions about the process, please do not hesitate to email the international students college advisor Mr. Kamil Acero at

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California Crosspoint Academy has a highly esteemed international reputation for developing programs that combine the best teaching resources and methods of the East and the West. California Crosspoint Academy staff regularly work with schools and education organizations overseas to provide expertise and experience in transformative education that prepares students for the best universities in the world.

Students at CCA International partner programs take classes taught in English by foreign teachers who use American college-preparatory curriculum and Western teaching methods. Following a 2+1 program model, students complete their high school senior year at California Crosspoint Academy in Hayward, California. Upon graduation from CCA, students receive a diploma accredited by the Accrediting Commission for School, Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and the Association of Christian Schools International.

Current international partners include:

  1. ZhengZhou #2 High School International Program, ZhengZhou, China
  2. Minhang Crosspoint at Wenqi Middle School, Shanghai, China
  3. Suzhou Crosspoint at Suzhou #3 Middle School, Suzhou, China
International Partners