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Grades K to 5

CCA believes character development is just as important and valuable as academics. These two aspects are intertwined in our Elementary School program. These values inspire our teachers…

  • …to instill in each student that they are a unique and valued creation of God. They want each child to know their identity is in Christ, is not defined by their outward appearance and skills, and has a calling in life.
  • …to develop respect, responsibility, love for others, community, and team collaborations in all our students.
  • …to teach each student to have a positive perspective on all aspects of life. They show students to view difficulties, weaknesses or poor results not as negative or failure, but as positive learning experiences and opportunities for personal growth.
  • …to strengthen and build students’ skills and passions so that each gain confidence and are motivated to excel in every way. These students become responsible and take pride in their own schoolwork now, starting a solid path for future careers and responsibilities.

Our teachers cultivate an environment that fosters love for learning. This happens through modeling. In the classroom, teachers do not merely instruct using best practices, but model behaviors, skills and lessons that they desire the students to learn. These lessons come through hands on projects, inquiry-based reasoning, critical thinking assignments, as well as interactive and collaborative work.

Experiential learning of this kind is very important for elementary age children. Creative and imaginative elements of our curriculum using our technology and Maker Space resources are being integrated as well. Outdoor education and field trips are essential to experiential learning and are highly valued as part of our CCA education.

CCA’s goal is to build strong foundations in young students who eventually become successful and effective in the world they will live and serve as adults. We believe that every student can achieve. It is not whether a student can achieve, it is how the student will achieve. Students are therefore developed to be thoroughly equipped to carry out God’s perfect plan for their lives. For our elementary students, this begins with training in important life, growth, and fundamental skills. It is CCA’s purpose and objective for all students, in their formative years, to develop to their full potential academically, emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually.

Our expert teachers invest in the whole education of every student, work with each individual strength or need, and challenge each to grow to their potential. Their vast professional experience in and passion for teaching brings new, creative, and motivating activities to reinforce knowledge and skills for these young students. Using the best research-based secular and Christian resources, elementary curriculum focuses on the development of foundational skills such as reading, writing, oral communication, math computation, and scientific reasoning. Self-management skills are also taught such as organization, time management, following directions, planning, and formation of good habits. While the focus and emphasis are on developing core knowledge and skills in English language arts and mathematics, essential subjects also include science, history, and Bible. Students are introduced to a broad range of areas, including both Spanish and Chinese languages, music, art, technology, and physical education. Lessons are often project-based which makes learning skills fun, interesting and memorable. Within the curriculum, teachers incorporate spiritual learning and teach from a Christian perspective.

Faculty Education / Background Grade / Subject
N. Tjiptamustika B.A. Psychology, San Francisco State University Kindergarten
I. Leung B.A. Early Childhood Education, San Francisco State University Kindergarten
I. Setiadi M.A. Bilingual Education, Columbia University
B.A. Linguistics, Calvin University
K. Puller B.A. Early Childhood
Education, Grand Canyon
D. Celes M.A. Educational Management (in-progress) 2nd
S. Perry M.A. Education, Biola University
B.A. Elementary Education, Biola University
C. Ng B.A. Quantitative Economics, UC San Diego 4th
S. Duron B.A Elementary Education
M.A. Educational Management (in-progress)
C. Yip Bachelor of Music in Music Education, San Francisco State University
Single Subject Credential in Music
T. Chan B.A. Digital Media, San Jose State University Art
R. Kotlar B.S. Secondary Education, Maranatha Baptist University After-School Program Coordinator
J. Richard B.A. Theology & Apologetics, Pensacola Christian College (in-progress) Physical Education, Tech
R. Viray B.S Cog. Science Music, Tech
C. Wong B.A. Communications, San Jose State University Physical Education