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Student Life

Along with our strong emphasis on academics, our students like to have fun too. Student life at California Crosspoint Academy includes a wide variety of activities that enrich the school experience. We understand that students become well-rounded adults by exploring their interests, serving together on committees, mentoring younger students, and taking on leadership roles. We support our students’ spiritual growth, athletic endeavors, and a broad range of extracurricular activities, including STEM/Robotics, Music/Drama, and much more within student-operated clubs!



From Kindergarten through 5th grade, student life centers around classroom and social interactions. Teachers encourage students to develop their interests and interact with classmates. Through cooperative projects, students work together and learn from one another in their classroom and across grade levels. Group activities, outdoor class sports, and fun educational field trips deepen friendships and strengthen their community. They improve their life skills, explore avenues of curiosity, grow spiritually through lessons from the Bible, and integrate a Christian worldview into their subject lessons. After school enrichment courses such as art, cooking, chess and robotics broaden their passions and skills.


Middle School

For middle school students, providing a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities enables them early on to broaden and deepen their skills and interests and boost their overall development. Through clubs, sports teams, chapel, Bible study, and community projects, students are encouraged to try new things and challenge themselves to grow creatively, relationally, socially and spiritually. Leadership opportunities, through clubs and student government activities, help students develop life skills needed for high school and beyond.


High School

For our high school students, our broad array of spiritual activities, athletic programs, and extracurricular pursuits offers them exciting opportunities to learn about life and to build strong relationships with one another. Students grow spiritually through chapel, Bible study, and community service days.

Sports programs, including badminton, basketball, esports, soccer, track, and volleyball, provide life-long lessons about teamwork, sportsmanship, and diligence. Field trips and long-distance travel broaden students’ perspectives. Many students explore their creativity through our visual performing arts programs. Leadership opportunities through clubs and student government help students develop the public speaking and relational skills needed in today’s work world.