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We at CCA we recognize the crucial nature of ministering–not only to the academic–but to the spiritual. While academic skills help students “make a living”, spiritual skills show student “how to live” in a moral and worthwhile manner. We feature student-run chapels with students leading in worship and behind the scenes controlling the sound, lighting and AV controls. We discuss a wide-ranging variety of topics from contemporary issues, biblical studies, and personal applications.

Small Groups

We strive to make spiritual things practical and applicable to everyday life.  Small groups (8-12 students) are chosen so students can verbalize their responses to chapel speakers and spiritual issues.  Group leaders help guide the discussion and journal writes so students will be challenged grow in their faith.

Community Service

We are teaching our students not just to be “consumers” of the community, but “givers” to the community.  With service in mind we branch out into the entire community and offer our services ranging from the Shore Line Clean Up, local Food Banks and Med-Share to giving personally designed gift baskets to public servants such as the Hayward city council members or police and fire department workers.