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History Day entries go to the State Level

HISTORY DAY competitors going to the state level on May 6 & 7. Thanks to History Dept Head, Anne Kim, for her guidance and direction. Congratulations! Go Rams!

Group Website:
“Rebecca Lolosoli: Spearheading Women Equality in Kenya” – Emily Lui and Sabrina Chan

Individual Documentary: “Wonder Woman” – Toria Jin

Group Documentaries:
“The Great Grape Strike” – Miles Campbell, Jasper Chen, Bryan Jeong, Charis Ling, and Christopher Ng
“Ida Tarbell: Combating the Standard” – Max Chen, Stanley Lam, Tiffany Yam, and Benson Yi

Group Exhibit:
“Jesse Owens: Quiet Dignity” – Audrey Chan, Keren Chen, Daniel Lai, Joyce Rao, and Nicholas Toy

Mrs. Leong is in charge of public relations, marketing, community development, and fund raising for CCHS. She also represents the school in civic organizations and at community events.

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