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Alumni invited to Reunion BBQ at Holy Redeemer Center

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon in November, over 250 people joined us at the Holy Redeemer Center in Oakland for a wonderful reunion BBQ with graduates from our first class of 1984 to our most recent class of 2014 attending.  We had a great lunch while listening to a Caribbean Steel Drum band, a CCHS photo booth, raffle table, Ramwear, yearbooks, and Jump Houses and volleyball for all to enjoy!  Graduates brought their families and reconnected with teachers and classmates.  Laughter filled the air as they relived their CCHS days and joked about old pictures in the yearbook.  All of our guests were able to “walk the land” at the Holy Redeemer Center and view the property we are praying God will provide for CCHS as our permanent home.   God truly blessed and we are thankful for each and every one of our alumni, teachers and staff.  Perfect day!welcome alumni

Mrs. Leong is in charge of public relations, marketing, community development, and fund raising for CCHS. She also represents the school in civic organizations and at community events.

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