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Mr. Lim Spills the Tea: Athletic Director Dishes on Sportsmanship and New Gym

Mr. Lim Spills the Tea: California Crosspoint Academy Athletic Director Dishes on Sportsmanship, Volleyball, and the (Eventual) Opening of the Gym

Interview by Cathy (Grade 12) and Eugene (Grade 9)

October 2023


Senior Cathy and freshman Eugene sat down with Athletic Director Mr. Lester Lim to get the latest on the Varsity Volleyball Team and the new gymnasium. 

Cathy & Eugene: There is a lot of conversation today around what it means to show good sportsmanship. What does this idea of good sportsmanship look like to you?  

Mr. Lim: I think sportsmanship is a positive attitude that tells us we need to persevere and never give up. At the same time, we uphold the idea of friendship first and competition second in the game. Then try your best to win the game, no slack, respect for sport and sportsmanship. 

Cathy & Eugene: Not only are you the school’s athletic director, but you are also the Head Coach for the Varsity Girls Volleyball team. For those who aren’t as familiar with the sport, what do you think is the most important position in volleyball? 

Mr. Lim: All my players are important, everyone from starters, role players and those who are on the bench have a vital role on the team. 

Cathy & Eugene: Can you walk us through a day in the life of a varsity volleyball player at practice. What does your training consist of? 

Mr. Lim: Every practice we work on getting better as a team. This is done through various methods. Sometimes we work together on team drills, sometimes we work on individual drills, and we usually have daily scrimmages where we put in game like scenarios. 

Cathy & Eugene: How do you help your team members get through a difficult training process? 

Mr. Lim: I usually meet with each student before the start of the season to discuss their role on the team, as well as things I would like to see them improve on throughout the season. The leaders also meet with the team to discuss team goals and personal goals each player has. During the daily practices, we push our players by setting high standards and teaching the importance of a good work ethic. 

Cathy & Eugene: We have been anticipating the official opening of the new gym for a while now. It’s been a longer process than most of us had hoped, unfortunately. Are we any closer to knowing when the gym will open?  

Mr. Lim: I’m not sure when the gym will be ready, but we are hoping soon.  

Cathy & Eugene: The gym will be the home court for our school’s volleyball teams. What other activities will take place there?  

Mr. Lim: Basketball, volleyball, badminton, and PE classes inside. 


Despite not being yet open for use, California Crosspoint Academy remains encouraged about its future use and the role it will play in the lives of current and future Rams.  

Until then, Rams’ volleyball, basketball, and badminton will remain house at Chabot College.