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COVID Update

February 15, 2022

Dear School Community:

Thank you for your diligence and cooperation as we made it through the winter surge of Covid-19 cases. The number of occurrences on our campus has dropped dramatically and we have not had a positive test in about two weeks. As the Spring months approach, it is our prayer that school operations and student activities will soon return to normal.

The State of California has announced some relaxing of indoor mask requirements for the public generally, but there have been no changes yet to school requirements. CCA will continue to follow current state and county guidelines until they are changed. We have been informed the current K-12 school protocols are being reviewed and new guidelines are expected on February 28.

In the interim, we appreciate your care and concern for the health and safety of our school community. Working together, we are providing a transformative educational experience for our students and families. Be safe and keep praying!

Sincerely Yours,

Mr. Robin Hom, J.D., Ed.D.

Mrs. Marsheck is in charge of public relations, marketing, community development, and fundraising for CCA.