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CCA Hall of Fame

Best of the Best: Should CCA Have an Athletics Hall of Fame?

Best of the Best: Should CCA Have an Athletics Hall of Fame?

By: Allison Kim

California Crosspoint Academy has been a staple in private Christian education in the Bay Area for 45 years and for the last 25 years has offered thousands of young student-athletes the opportunity to compete in athletics. But there is something noticeably missing from CCA’s athletic program that many of its conference opponents do – an Athletics Hall of Fame.

Throughout the years, the Rams have had success across many sports, with athletes earning all-league honors, sportsmanship and scholastic awards, and leading teams to Bay Area Conference (BCL) and North Coast Section (NCS) appearances, yet the recognition stops when the season ends and players graduate. What is holding CCA back from enshrining student-athletes, coaches, and teams that have left an indelible impact on the athletic program?

Former Athletic Director, Stephen Lim, who served in the role for 22 years, said that the main issue has to do with legacy and the challenges of establishing a set criteria for induction.

“We don’t really have an established legacy of athletics here at the school,” Lim said. “Developing the criteria for qualifying for the hall of fame and when to begin this program” would prove to be challenging for it to happen.”

Current Athletic Director Lester Lim shares this sentiment but is open to exploring it in the future.

Current student-athletes also appear in favor of implementing an Athletics Hall of Fame. A survey of 10 student-athletes said that it “would commemorate and acknowledge the best student-athletes who played at CCA, creating a legacy that’s fun for students to look back on.”

It’s not just current student-athletes who are in favor of this addition. CCA Alumni also agreed that including a sports hall of fame would be beneficial, as it would commemorate past athletic coaches and students, also encouraging athletes to work harder.

2023 alumni Jeremy Shen, who played soccer, basketball, and volleyball for the Rams said that the implementation of a Hall of Fame could further incentivize excellence from its student-athletes.

“This implementation would also allow current and future generations of athletes to appreciate past athletes’ contributions to the sports program,” Shen said. “The HOF [Hall of Fame] could also serve as an extra incentive for current athletes to excel on and off the court.”

Nancy Heppe, a soccer and volleyball player from the class of 2022 said that it would provide a meaningful, tangible, yet challenging goal to strive for.

“It could be beneficial for students to work towards a physical goal, such as having a trophy displayed for people to see for years to come,” Heppe said.

If CCA were to install an Athletic Hall of Fame, it would need to establish a set of criteria for its individual and team inductees.

Stephen Lim says that it would need to be further thought through and that CCA would likely need to establish a council to consider inducting members.

“I would assume that we would have a committee to help develop these criteria and have a nomination committee to help select potential candidates,” Lim said.

Senior center defensive mid-Cydney Loh thinks that league and peer recognition should play a crucial role in who gets inducted.

“Athletes should excel at all the sports you play, elevate team play around you, be recognized both by opposing coaches and players for effectiveness of play,” Loh said.

Whether or not an Athletics Hall of Fame is soon or somewhere further down the road, it certainly has positive energy and support from many people in the CCA community. The possibility can continue to push our Rams, past and present, to pursue athletic excellence every season.

CCA Hall of Fame

Mrs. Marsheck is in charge of public relations, marketing, community development, and fundraising for CCA.