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People of Principle in Places of Prominence


Our mission is to see students transformed through a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and Bible-based, Christ-centered instruction so they may be thoroughly equipped to fulfill God’s perfect plan for their lives.


Transforming Lives for the Glory of God


California Crosspoint Academy teaches and trains students in the knowledge of God, beginning with salvation through Jesus Christ.  Through Bible-based, Christ-centered instruction, knowledge leads to wisdom, Christ-like character, and service to God in every field of study and every personal endeavor.  The goal of the school is that each individual be thoroughly equipped spiritually, academically, and physically to fulfill God’s perfect plan for his life.

Christian Philosophy of Education

True education is a search for ultimate truth, and begins with an understanding that God is the Creator and central unifying figure of all that exists.  Colossians 1:16-18

The knowledge of God begins with salvation through Jesus Christ, is built upon the study of the Holy Scriptures, and leads to a reverential trust in God, the basis of wisdom.  Psa. 111:10

Wisdom transforms abstract knowledge into personal belief revealed through Christian character and service.  Thus, true education naturally produces students of spiritual strength and distinction, governed by godly principles in every field of study and in all areas of life.