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Jacqueline Chak

I thank God everyday for everything that He has blessed me with, and I thank my California Crosspoint Academy teachers for introducing me to Him! My 13 years at CCA laid the foundation of my relationship with my Heavenly Father, gave me a solid academic background, and impressed on me many life principles that I try to live by and practice medicine by. Love, honesty, hard-work, education, giving back, going the extra mile–these are all important lessons that I have learned through example from my parents and my teachers.  I am grateful for all the support and love that I had during my time there. A few of my favorite teachers and influential people in my life are still at CCA! I hope that they continue teaching and influencing the next generation and bringing God all the glory. I know that only because of His Grace, I am where I am today!

Jason Pham

California Crosspoint Academy will always have a place in my heart! From my friends to my teachers, everyone was very helpful and supportive. I feel very grateful for attending CCA and had such great memories there! I highly recommend this school to anyone not only because it’s a fun environment, but also it makes you feel like family.

Wesley Lui

Whenever I think about my career in the culinary arts, CCA played a role in the starting point of my career. I was very interested in creativity while in school and so I was naturally drawn to to classes like art and drama. When Valentine’s Day came around, I made heart shaped cookies that looked like flowers for my classmates. From that day forward I had the culinary bug and my passion for cooking started. Since my time at CCA, I’ve been blessed with opportunities to go to culinary school, cook at places like Disneyworld and Facebook, and even becoming a pastry chef! I’m so thankful to God for blessing me with teachers who never gave up on me but continuously worked hard to help me succeed. I will always remember my time at CCA and will continue to work hard wherever God leads me.

We first had the idea of not having our child educated in China because of the stressful high school entrance test and the College Entrance Examination. With the idea of trying it out, we had our daughter enroll in CCHS and she flew to America on Aug. 11, 2008. During the 3 years at CCHS, Jessie participated on the school volleyball team and Chorale. In one of the years she was in the Chorale, they won a prize in a great competition. My biggest impression is, at CCHS, my child was healthier and more confident, and her grades were a lot of better than before. After Jessie graduated from CCHS, she was accepted by U.C. Irvine. We are truly thankful for the help from Mrs. Huang and all the teachers at CCHS.

My son has been studying at CCHS for 3 years. Every year he comes back to China during the summer. We have seen him become healthier and more positive, moreover, he is making progress in all areas, and has more interest in studying. To look in a contrary way, the kids in my son’s age group in China are having such a hard time in school, and it is not easy for their parents either. The pressure students in China are facing makes their lives difficult. We thank God for the special grace He gave to our son, and special thanks to Mrs. Huang and CCHS superintendent, Mr. Robin Hom. They gave us great help to opening the door to overseas study. We are also thankful for the education and support from the CCHS teachers and the care from his host family. We feel very peaceful having our child study at CCHS with the hope that he will have a bright future.

My wife and I visited CCHS last Christmas.  After talking with my daughter’s teachers, we were deeply impressed with the love, responsibility and passion to the students. My daughter and her classmate showed us around the campus, and we were amazed at the students’ unique art works displayed on the walls. Spacious classrooms, clean hallways, brand new gym and auditoriums.  The school facilities are just so much better than we thought they’d be.   Luckily, we happened to be there for the annual Christmas Music Concert.   Watching the students perform, listening to the melodious singing, we were just so proud of CCHS and the students.  In one word, we are thankful that God brought our precious daughter Daisy to CCHS. We hope that she can study and grow happily in the U.S., and one day she will be an honor to CCHS.

“CCA prepared me for college and my future life. There is a lot more to discover about life and about myself, but CCA taught me a method and a starting point.”

“My daughter has received continual guidance to help her explore her options and to stay on track in preparing for college. The college counselor at CCA ensures that each student does not miss a step.”

With the cross-discipline Honors and AP courses and the use of laboratory facilities to reinforce classroom instruction, CCA students are equipped for the changing workplace.

The academic environment at CCA is a rarity in colleges. Seeing it at the high school level essentially makes CCA one of a kind.