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We first had the idea of not having our child educated in China because of the stressful high school entrance test and the College Entrance Examination. With the idea of trying it out, we had our daughter enroll in CCHS and she flew to America on Aug. 11, 2008. During the 3 years at CCHS, Jessie participated on the school volleyball team and Chorale. In one of the years she was in the Chorale, they won a prize in a great competition. My biggest impression is, at CCHS, my child was healthier and more confident, and her grades were a lot of better than before. After Jessie graduated from CCHS, she was accepted by U.C. Irvine. We are truly thankful for the help from Mrs. Huang and all the teachers at CCHS.

My son has been studying at CCHS for 3 years. Every year he comes back to China during the summer. We have seen him become healthier and more positive, moreover, he is making progress in all areas, and has more interest in studying. To look in a contrary way, the kids in my son’s age group in China are having such a hard time in school, and it is not easy for their parents either. The pressure students in China are facing makes their lives difficult. We thank God for the special grace He gave to our son, and special thanks to Mrs. Huang and CCHS superintendent, Mr. Robin Hom. They gave us great help to opening the door to overseas study. We are also thankful for the education and support from the CCHS teachers and the care from his host family. We feel very peaceful having our child study at CCHS with the hope that he will have a bright future.

My wife and I visited CCHS last Christmas.  After talking with my daughter’s teachers, we were deeply impressed with the love, responsibility and passion to the students. My daughter and her classmate showed us around the campus, and we were amazed at the students’ unique art works displayed on the walls. Spacious classrooms, clean hallways, brand new gym and auditoriums.  The school facilities are just so much better than we thought they’d be.   Luckily, we happened to be there for the annual Christmas Music Concert.   Watching the students perform, listening to the melodious singing, we were just so proud of CCHS and the students.  In one word, we are thankful that God brought our precious daughter Daisy to CCHS. We hope that she can study and grow happily in the U.S., and one day she will be an honor to CCHS.