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Every student takes a Bible class to learn its truths and how it relates not only to every field of study, but every life endeavor. Practical Christian living is a constant theme with the idea that students will be given the skills, knowledge, and opportunity to grow spiritually as well as academically and morally. Bible classes are also involved in numerous community service projects throughout the year. Character, good choices, ethics, and morality are all components of teaching students not just what to know, but how to live.

9th Grade

This course includes topics such as How We Got the Bible and Understanding the Will of God.

10th Grade

This course covers Tough Questions about the Christian Faith and the Life of Christ.

11th Grade

This course covers the Life and Theology of Paul and a Study of the Book of Romans

12th Grade

This course will ask students to identify, compare, contrast, and analyze a variety of worldviews and clarify their own worldviews.