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Students that are faithful disciples of Christ who

  • have a personal knowledge of Christ as their Savior.
  • understand the Christian world view of life
  • exemplify Christ-like character and lead their lives according to Biblical standards of virtue and ethics.

Students that are industrious who

  • work independently without need of supervision.
  • accept personal responsibility for their actions.
  • are productive and efficient in carrying out their tasks.

Students that are leaders who

  • readily accept positions of leadership and influence.
  • manage projects and accomplish goals.
  • work well with people and foster good relationships.

Students that are scholars who

  • have a broad base of knowledge and experiences to draw upon.
  • think logically and critically to ascertain truth and solve problems.
  • can apply universal principles to an ever-changing world.

Students that are compassionate who

  • care as much for others as for themselves.
  • seek to improve the lives of those within their sphere of influence.
  • can see life from another’s point of view.