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The Scope of Our Mission

  • We want to reach all who can benefit from our ministry.
  • We want to develop students to their full potential.
  • We want to emphasize spiritual results over academic achievement.
  • We want to be faithful to our task and trust God to give the increase.

Governance and Operations

  • We want to practice servant leadership: teachers serve students; administrators serve teachers.
  • We want to make what is best for students our top priority.
  • We want to emphasize the spirit of the law over the letter of the law.
  • We want to emphasize ‘who we are’ is more important than ‘what we do’.
  • We want to place overall, long-term benefits over expediency.


  • We want to make sure the teacher is the key to the classroom.
  • We want to equip our teachers to teach: spiritual health, professional training, tools and resources, supportive and positive environment.
  • We want to work in partnership with parents. We want to teach to the heart.
  • We want to remember that all truth is God’s truth.
  • We want to emphasize comprehensive development: academic, physical, psychological, emotional, social, cultural.